The Hard Truth

According to Kenny Jahng, in “Adoption Awareness: 10 Facts about Adoption that Will Surprise You,” no more than 2 percent of Americans have adopted. 

No more than two percent?  Whoa.  I think we can all agree that sounds low, but what does it really mean?

Well, to give you a frame of reference, 95 percent of Americans own a cell phone and 68 percent own a pet.  But only 2 percent have committed to transforming an entire family tree by adopting a child.

I get it.  The responsibilities of owning the latest iPhone or caring for Fido don’t compare to the commitment of adoption, so those numbers aren’t surprising.


At first glance, I feel encouraged that Stand Up Eight can serve 2 percent.  We got this! 

But then again, math was never my best subject.     

Two percent of the population, although an admittedly small number, is 6.5 million people.  Double whoa. 

6.5 million?  Gulp.  Maybe we don’t got this. 

For cryin’ out loud, how do we not only find those 6.5 million people and help them, but get others to help them, too?!

At Stand Up Eight, we’re grateful our program is the only one of its kind, but it’s daunting to think there aren’t more quality resources available for adoptive parents caring for children who’ve had heartbreaking things happen to them.

Of the 6,000 nonprofits in the Austin area alone we’re the only one in the trenches with families post-adoption.    

In all our efforts, we haven’t even scratched the surface of the change that needs to happen for that 2 percent. 

We know our program works.  We’ve seen lives transformed with our unique support.  But I’m haunted by the sheer size of things – the number of families who don’t know about us, the people who’ve never even thought about the hardships of adoption, and the endless list of other causes that stir hearts and need support just like we do. 

How will Family Coach Becky and I ever make a dent?  The hard truth is, we won’t.  Not just the two of us alone. 

Luckily, we’ve had an outpouring of support since we started, and there’s really no way we’d be here without it.  However, we still need help.  Oodles of it. 

And it just so happens, you’re the perfect person for the job!     


Talk to your communities (family, pals, coworkers, neighbors, church) about Stand Up Eight, and ask them to tell their communities, too.   

“Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest.  Share things you like.

Are you gifted in business, advertising, or relationships?  Volunteer your know-how to us.  Or, maybe even think about joining our Board of Directors.

Consider making a financial contribution to help us help others.

The hard truth is a reality we can’t ignore.  But I believe another truth – there are enough generous people out there who know enough generous people out there to support Stand Up Eight as it supports the 2 percent. 

And if my math’s right, we can start to make a dent after all.    

Jen Reichert