Unstoppable Devotion

I think a raccoon is moving into my attic.  I named her Rosalind Russell. 

My very scientific Google searches have taught me Rosalind is most likely making a nursery for the Russell baaaaabiessss!

Google says that Rosalind is tenacious and clever, and she’s highly devoted to her children.  She’ll do whatever she can to keep them safe.  

And I love that about her. 

But I’ve also learned a sad truth – as much as I’d like for my attic to be home, sweet home for Rosalind and her growing family, it really won’t work out so well for me.  Or my attic.

I know she can’t stay there (yes, Husband, I know!).  That’s just not how it works. 

So, maybe I can move her and the kids downstairs?


Adoptive parents are a little like Mama Raccoon Rosalind Russell.  Not only are they tenacious and clever, they also have unstoppable devotion to their children.

But their children, unlike other children, have had heartbreaking things happen to them.  Their children have hurts that many of us will never imagine. 

The good news – the best news – is their kiddos can heal from those hurts, but it takes unique help. 

And Stand Up Eight is helping them!  When other programs are headed out, Stand Up Eight is running into families’ homes to empower moms and dads and kids for change. 

Plus, we’re the only ones doing it.  Our program is the first of its kind. 

Family Coach Becky and I do this work because every human has a need to belong, to attach, and to feel love.  When families say yes to adopt little humans who’ve never had those needs met before, they also say yes to countless struggles and challenges.  

They need us.

To show you more of the work we’re doing, check out our newest video featuring one of our Stand Up Eight families. 

For us to serve more families like we served the Knops, we need help.  It’s important to us to keep costs affordable for these families caring for kiddos who are often forgotten by everyone else.

And unfortunately, that unstoppable devotion I mentioned sometimes dries up, and children who’ve been hurt over and over again don’t get to live with their families anymore. 

That’s not okay with us at Stand Up Eight. I think it’s probably not okay with many of you either.

So, if you’re not already giving to or helping adoptive families in some way, please consider making a contribution to Stand Up Eight so we can continue helping kids belong, attach, and feel love.

More ways to be involved…

Support an adoptive family with practical help like running errands, delivering meals, babysitting, or just being there.


Volunteer with Partnerships for Children.

Help children in foster care and their families at CASA.

Donate clothing and other items for children in foster care and their foster families to Foster Village.

Mentor a girl living at The Settlement Home for Children.

Spend time with children who aren’t living with their families at Helping Hand Home.

Mama Raccoon’s namesake, the real Rosalind Russell, 1930

Mama Raccoon’s namesake, the real Rosalind Russell, 1930

Jen Reichert