What To Do When We Just Don't Wanna

It happens to all of us.  You know, those days when it seems nothing went as you planned.  Maybe it wasn’t a bad day, but it was just weird – everything felt difficult, motivation waned, normally unannoying things were super annoying.

It happens to Becky and me.  It happens to the parents we serve.  It happens to the kids, too.

So what should we all do?  How do we muster up the wherewithal to keep going? 


Many times in today’s world, we turn to mind-numbing Netflix or dizzying happy hours (or both) to escape the weird, or even the bad, days. 

However, there’s research out there that says all binge-watching does for us is mask the real issues. 

Although it’s necessary to escape from time to time, it’s also important to find appropriate ways to cope with our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days.   

In an effort to become a more well-rounded people, here are some practices proven to improve our varying levels of ill-feelings toward the daily grind.

Make yourself chuckle. 

Yep, we say it around here at least 74 times each week.  Being silly makes your brain happy.  And if you’re being silly with another person, it creates powerful connections. 

So, dance around the kitchen, sing opera-style, make funny faces in the mirror, and talk in a French accent to your dog.  It won’t make your boss stop being a micromanager, but it will help you feel better about it.    

Be one with nature.

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard the notion.  Not sitting around inside is one of the best things you can do to boost your mood about that stressful interaction you had with your sister-in-law.  It’s good for your brain, and it’s good for your body. 

So, walk around the block, jump on a (death trap) trampoline, ride a bike (or rent one of those scooters lyin’ around everywhere), and garden. 

Eat a banana.

Your diet can change the way you feel – for better or for worse – about that irksome email you’re mulling over.  Being mindful of what you feed your body, especially when you’re bummed, can make all the difference. 

So, skip Chick-fil-A for breakfast, decline that second glass of wine, and pick up some fruit.  Just like your mother taught you.

See live people.

Every one of us was made to belong, to attach, and to feel safe.

So, find another human and talk (not text).  Better yet, meet up if even just for a minute.  Eye contact and a hug can do wonders for your lack of oomph about all the troubling tasks on your “Crap To-Do” list.

Weird days aren’t going anywhere, so stop running from them and start meeting them face-to-face instead.

Jen Reichert