As If By Magic


In case you missed it, Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. And it’s happening this Tuesday (11/28/17)!

Ever been a part of a big day o’ giving?  I have, and I’m here to tell you, it has a knack for making even the most cynical of us feel good about presto-chango-instantly impacting the world around us.

As someone who’s at the heart of a nonprofit, a global day to give is music to my ears.  For Becky and me (the whole of Stand Up Eight), we love jumping into the trenches with families at almost no cost to them, and the contributions from others is how we are able to make it happen.  

So many wonderfully wonderful people have stepped up to donate their time and resources to our program, and as a nonprofit, we’re at the mercy of everyone’s generosity.

Giving Tuesday is a way to point everyone’s focus toward keeping those generosity waters flowing -- and for that, we are grateful (and really, really excited)!

So what’s my point?  We need your help. 

Gifts from others not only make it possible for us to walk alongside adoptive families in their homes and schools to help children heal from the abuse and neglect they’ve survived, but it also allows us to provide the resources they need, and to better plan Stand Up Eight’s future. 

For instance, did you know that snuggling under a blanket that weighs only five pounds helps some of our kiddos make it through the day without feeling afraid?  It feels a little like magic, but it works because the brain is able to think better when its needs are met, and a weighted blanket helps.

The bad news is that a seemingly simple thing like a five-pound blanket costs a not-so-simple $70 or more, but the good news is that we’re able to provide it because of our donors.  

The best news?  Kids feel safer and happier - which is what they deserve - because of a magical blanket that they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to cuddle.

Days like Giving Tuesday feel like magic, too - for you and for the nonprofits you support.  This Giving Tuesday, why not commit to giving your time, your talents, or your finances to help a nonprofit doing life-changing work?  

As if by magic, even the smallest thing for you can make the biggest impact for someone else.

If you’re able, we’d love for you to head on over to our donate tab and give what feels good. We, and countless families in need, thank you!

Jen Reichert