Buy Us a Drink!

I consider myself to be one of those people who feels grateful for the big and small things.  Of course, like anybody else, I whine and complain (and throw epic tantrums) about the big and small things too, but I’m naturally a feel-good type. 

I’m not a Positive Polly by any means (that’s my husband’s lot), but I do spend a fairly sappy amount of time feeling appreciative and fortunate. 

And anyone who knows me also knows I love sending oodles of old-fashioned, hand-written thank-you notes, and has probably received at least one in the old-fashioned mailbox.

As a Thanky McThankerson, I especially like the holidays because, even though they can be stressful, it seems everyone rallies to focus their attention on being filled with gratitude. 

And in an effort to capture those neighborly feelings, Giving Tuesday was created. 

Giving Tuesday is a global day of giving (and the second largest day of giving behind December 31) that encourages generous people like yourselves to ramp up their end of year contributions, kinda like a giving starting line of sorts. 

Last year, $274 million was raised in just one day alone that helped increase the meaningful work of charities across the world – charities just like Stand Up Eight.

This Tuesday, November 27, I’d love for you to consider giving. 

You may already have nonprofit organizations you care about that you’ll be contributing to, but without a doubt, it would overjoy my soul for you to also consider giving to Stand Up Eight.  It’s a cause anyone can get behind.


So how about buying us a drink? 

On Giving Tuesday, November 27, when you stop at your favorite coffeehouse or meet your pals for happy hour, consider matching the cost of that drink with a donation to Stand Up Eight. 

Little by little (and drink by drink), we’ll be able to grow the important work of helping children heal from their heartbreaking traumas and bond to the families who’ve moved mountains to be with them.

Ready, set – let the drinking and giving begin!

Jen Reichert