We empower adoptive families,

because even the strongest need a hand.


Stand Up Eight is a nonprofit program dedicated to empowering adoptive families for immediate and lasting change by providing trauma-informed behavior management intervention in their homes.


Adoptive Families Need You

Stand Up Eight has a modest annual budget, and is committed to keeping costs affordable for adoptive families.  Stand Up Eight relies on financial support from private donors, businesses in the community, and grants/foundations. 

Stand Up Eight is a part of Restoration Collective, an incorporated nonprofit with 501(c)(3) certification from the Internal Revenue Service. Gifts are tax deductible.


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If you and your family need us, or if you have questions for us, we're here to help! 

Please complete the form below to learn more about Stand Up Eight and how we help adoptive families.  We will connect with you in the next couple days. 

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