Games to Help the Whole Family

One of the best things parents and children can do to connect is share emotions, especially the tough ones.  Doing so promotes attachment to one another, builds mutual trust, and nurtures relationship.  These games were created to help the whole family bond!

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Blob Builder

Talk about emotions with your children - with Play-Doh! Blob Builder is a sensory-rich game that teaches you and your children how to identify feelings to be able to talk about them and know what to do with them.


Feelings Hide and Seek

Feelings Hide and Seek is an engaging and active way to connect with your child and his feelings! Learn together about the ways feelings can affect you and your child’s actions and how to work through them in healthy ways.

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Spiderweb of Feelings

You and your kids will better understand feelings with this easy-to-play, sensory-rich game. The Spiderweb of Feelings creates a safe place that encourages everyone to talk about emotions, even the difficult ones!

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Life-Sized Board Game

This big ol’ board game promotes bonding between you and your children by teaching emotional awareness and self-regulation in a sensory-rich way. An added bonus? It’s a quick and easy way to be active together.