How We Help Families Thrive

The majority of the homelessness, mental illness, and incarceration in our communities is caused by unresolved trauma that is often a result of child maltreatment.  The good news is abused and neglected children can heal from their trauma, but they need specialized parenting and treatment.  Unfortunately, the help available to adoptive families is expensive and difficult to find.  

Stand Up Eight is the first program of its kind that walks alongside families in their homes after an adoption is finalized.  In addition, Stand Up Eight hopes to decrease the number of waiting children because with the right support, people may be more likely to commit to the adoption journey.  

The Services We Provide


Be All In

Our Most Transformative and Popular In-Home Post Adoption Services


Make a Change

Our In-Home Family Coaching Services, Bootcamp Style 


Start a Conversation

Our Family Coaching Services
Over Coffee